Copenhagen Beach

You can tell that sunshine is precious in a city where people bust out of their ant holes in swarms at the slightest hint of good weather. People hung out all around waterfronts dotted throughout the city. The chilly August evening forecasted months of much chillier weather to come and people certainly appreciate the pleasure of good weather much more than we do in Barcelona. Copenhagen is also a very bike friendly city, and they can be seen everywhere, ridden in very safely designed bike lanes.

A curious little neighborhood called Christiania sits on the east side of Copenhagen. It is also known as the Free town of Christiania, with a central Pusher Street, a name that leaves nothing to the imagination, where photography was strictly prohibited. Although some online search suggests that the area is crime ridden and controlled by real gangs, our day time stroll was delightful. Stoners, dealers, and beer drinkers, crepe makers (munchies!) hung around the slightly run down hippie compound. I need to watch the Pusher trilogy again to see if this spot shows up.


A friend who worked at the world famous Noma, suggested that we should visit Hija de Sanchez, a taco stand opened up by his fellow Noma graduate in Torvehallerne market. Unfortunately, by the time we got there around 8:00, 8:30 pm, they were closing. We were disappointed since the freshly made tortillas looked so very promising. We resorted to a Thai food stand nearby, which was reasonably priced by Danish standard. Both the pad thai and green curry were surprisingly delicious.


We finished the beautiful day in Copenhagen at the Mikkeller Bar on Viktoriagade where local craft beers were served on tap. We tried two small glasses (at 5 or 6 euros for each tiny tasting glass), found them to be tasty but too expensive to get drunk off of. Do not come to Copenhagen from Southern Europe in hopes to eat and drink well without having to auction off some family heirloom first. Cute little bar with very good draft beer though.


Did I mention that I love nordic designs? Danish designed goods can be spotted in boutique stores, or department stores in downtown, such as Illums Bolighus.



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