Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attraction in Iceland, although I have doubts on whether the chicken (having the reputation of being the most visited) or the egg (being the most visited) came first. We set it on our agenda because it’s a must, and we mustn’t miss a must. When are we ever going to come here again? Name a price and we’ll pay it! I think that’s how tourist mentality which leads to milking works.

We paid 45 euros + 5 euros (to use the towels) each. We have been told later on by locals that lcelanders have their own price and package deals that cost a fraction of what we paid. On the one hand, I clench my teeth over the thought of people paying less than me for the same thing, on the other hand, it seems fair that locals should be compensated for having their city overrun by tourists.

The experience was indeed unique. The facilities are modern and top-notch. It was drizzling and chilly which made the emersion into warm water all the more comforting. There are some skin smoothing mineral clay you can rub all over your face and neck for free in the spa. I think they sell a tube of that stuff for 100 euros in their store. Rub on liberally.

Although ample warning is given about what the silica content will do to your hair, nothing prepares you for the foreign hay that will become of your former hair. I ran two fingers down a strand of hair two days later, and it squeaked. Note to hair: avoid contact with Blue Lagoon water at all cost.

Considering that there are A LOT of hot springs in Iceland, many of which are free or close to free, you are paying for the silica mud (which gives the lagoon its milky color). I liked it, but did I like it 50 euros much? Maybe more like 25 euros much.

Oh, and the Blue Lagoon is man-made.


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