Icelandic Weather

Icelandic weather failed to shock me partly because I was just in Northern Ireland a month ago, where all four seasons came down on me within the span of 45 minutes. I expected Iceland to be more or less like Northern Ireland, erratic with a flair of drama, and she played it out faithfully.

The south of Iceland was particularly rainy and windy. My brother who used his precious four day vacation to join us on this trip had the pleasure of driving in and out of MORDOR (glacial areas) with steam room level visibility in volatile weather conditions. The road leading to Mýrdalsjökull was particularly difficult and rocky, requiring almost military level humvee to navigate. The rain and fog made it all the more…thrilling. I felt pretty bad for our Hyundai SUV, which was clearly not made for the task. It was like chopping wood with a sword.

The north, however, is much sunnier and pleasant. Considering my mood is give or take 70% dependent on the natural condition of my surroundings, I found myself enjoying the north far more than the south. Akureyri markets itself as the Miami of Iceland with a logo of a sun wearing sunglasses on its city map. Well, I guess it is, by Iceland standard.


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